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Judith Lang Zaimont

LP #LPI 101 (solo piano; tenor and piano) Duration 46:35
Gary Steigerwalt, piano; Charles Bressler, tenor; Judith Lang Zaimont, piano

Composer: Judith Lang Zaimont (b.1945)

French Baroque Cantatas

LP #LPI 109 (bass-baritone and chamber orchestra) Duration 45:48
John Ostendorf, bass-baritone; Bronx Arts Ensemble Chamber Orchestra; Johannes Somary, conductor

Composers: Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Philippe Courbois

Schubert, Reichardt and Mendelssohn Hensel

LP #LPI 112 (2 LPs) (tenor and piano; tenor duet and piano) Duration 102 minutes, 8 seconds
Grayson Hirst, tenor; Michel Yuspeh, piano

Composers: Franz Schubert, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Louise Reichardt

Songs by Lili Boulanger and Alma Mahler

LP #LPI 118 (soprano and piano; mezzo-soprano and piano) Duration 48:01
Kristine Ciesinski, soprano; Katherine Ciesinski, mezzo-soprano; Ted Taylor, piano

Composers: Lili Boulanger, Alma Schindler Mahler

Flute Reflections (cassette title)
New Music for Flute (LP title

LP #LPI 121; cassette recording #LPI 221cs. (flute, cello, piano; flute and piano) Duration 45:06
Katherine Hoover, flute; Mary Ann Brown, piano; William Moersch, vibraphone

Composers: Katherine Hoover, Barbara Kolb, Elias Tanenbaum

Clarinet  Violin  Piano

LP #LPI 122 (violin, clarinet, piano; violin and clarinet; violin and piano; two clarinets and piano) Duration 51:33
The Verdehr Trio (Walter Verdehr, Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, Gary Kirkpatrick); Daniel Heifetz, violin; Michael Skelly, piano; Stanley and Naomi Drucker, clarinet; Blanche Abram, piano

Don Freund, Marga Richter, Thomas Christian David

The Romantic Handel
Love Duets & Cantatas Composed in Italy

LP #LPI 124 (chamber ensemble with soprano and/or bass-baritone solo) Duration 45:34
Faye Robinson, soprano; John Ostendorf, bass-baritone; Brewer Chamber Ensemble; Rudolph Palmer, conductor

Composer: Georg F. Handel


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