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Flute Reflections (cassette title)
New Music for Flute
(LP title)

Flute, cello, piano; flute and piano. Duration 45:06
Katherine Hoover, flute; Mary Ann Brown, piano; William Moersch, vibraphone
Composers: Katherine Hoover, Barbara Kolb, Elias Tanenbaum

Cassette #LPI 221cs

For the Flute

Flute,, cello and piano; flute and piano. Duration 46:46.
Katherine Hoover, flute; Carter Brey, cello; Barbara Weintraub, piano; Virginia Eskin, piano.
Composers: Louise Farrenc, Germaine Tailleferre, Lili Boulanger, Katherine Hoover, Ludmila Ulehla

Cassette #LE 304cs

Kabat: On the Edge

Structured spoken and pitched voice improvisation with accompaniment. Duration 42:21
Julie Kabat (composer), voice, glass harmonica, kalimba, saw; Ben Hudson, violin; Abraham Adzenyah, African drums and congas; Marilyn Crispell, piano.

Cassette #LE 319cs

Sampler Cassettes

Music samples from the Leonarda LP Record Catalog (1979-1986), including LPs now out-of-print. Voice-over introductions introduce composers as their music plays, and some of the composers are interviewed.

Sampler Cassettes

Women Composers: The Lost Tradition Found

No longer available on cassette. See CDs.


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