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LP #LPI 122 (violin, clarinet and piano; violin and clarinet; violin and piano; two clarinets and piano) Duration 51:33. The Verdehr Trio (Walter Verdehr, Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, Gary Kirkpatrick); Daniel Heifetz, violin; Michael Skelly, piano; Stanley and Naomi Drucker, clarinet; Blanche Abram, piano

Leonarda LP

Clarinet  Violin  Piano

Don Freund
(20th c.) (USA)
Triomusic (14:10)

Thomas Christian David
(20th c.) (Austria)
Duo (clarinet and violin) (9:49)

Marga Richter
(b.1926) (USA)
Landscapes of the Mind II (violin and piano) (1971) (17:15)
Sonora (1981) (two clarinets and piano) (10:19)

" Landscapes is a compelling, mysterious, brooding piece well worth adding to the standard sonata repertory, marvelously played here." (Richter) ... "Eloquent and satisfying." (David) Oakland Tribune. "Triomusic is a clever combination of ruminative melody and harsh dissonance." (Freund) Long Island Newsday. "An intriguing, attractive album." Newsday.  "Wonderful." Fanfare.


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