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LP #LPI 101 (solo piano; tenor and piano) Duration 46:35. Gary Steigerwalt, piano; Charles Bressler, tenor; Judith Lang Zaimont, piano. Composer bio

Leonarda LP

Judith Lang Zaimont

Judith Lang Zaimont
(b.1945) (USA)
A Calendar Set (Steigerwalt, piano) (26:38)
Chansons Nobles et Sentimentales (Bressler, tenor; Zaimont, piano) (12:50)
Nocturne: La Fin de Siècle (Zaimont, piano) (7:07)

" Zaimont is a serious artist, formidably endowed, and capable of a broad audience appeal." Fanfare. "Full-bodied and voluptuous." Stereo Review. "Music exquisitely crafted, vividly characterized and wholly appealing." The New York Times.


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