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LP #LPI 118. Duration 48:01. Kristine Ciesinski, soprano; Katherine Ciesinski, mezzo-soprano; Ted Taylor, piano

Leonarda LP

Songs by Lili Boulanger and Alma Mahler

Lili Boulanger
(1893-1918) (France)
Clairières dans le Ciel (Francis Jammes)
(soprano and piano) (33:35)

Alma Schindler Mahler
(1879-1964) (Austria/USA)
Vier Lieder: Licht in der Nacht, Waldseligkeit, Ansturm, Erntelied
(mezzo-soprano and piano) (14:26)

" One can hear the kinship to late Fauré and Debussy, but Boulanger's application of impressionistic tonal color, pentatonic scales and subtle rhythmic devices reveals her own unique voice...No one with even a passing interest in the art song should miss this record." Ovation. "The Alma Mahler songs are marvels...some of the best, strongest and most original art songs of their period." San Francisco Chronicle.


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