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Jonathan Kramer: Five Compositions

CD: Symphony orchestra, chamber ensemble, solo piano, and clarinet with tape. Artists: The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Harold Farberman, conductor. Atlanta Chamber Players: Melanie Cramer, flute; Robert Brown clarinet; Mowry Pearson, violin; Pamela Askew, viola; Paul Cohen, cello; Paula Peace, piano. Frank Weinstock, solo piano. Phillip Rehfeldt, solo clarinet. Lynn Raley, solo piano. Leonarda CD #LE332. Duration 70:10.

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composer Jonathan Kramer CD cover


Jonathan Kramer (1942-2004) (USA)



1. Musica Pro Musica (18:56) (1987)
1. mp3 The London Philharmonic Orchestra
Harold Farberman, conductor
2. Atlanta Licks (12:54) (1984)

2. mp3
The Atlanta Chamber Players
3. Music for Piano, No. 5 (16:04) (1980)

3. mp3

Frank Weinstock, piano
4. Renascence (11:04) (1974)

4. mp3 Phillip Rehfeldt, clarinet and tape
5. Music for Piano, No. 3 (10:25) (1968)

  Lynn Raley, piano


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Production: Recording: Musica Pro Music recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, England, May 24, 1989. John Kurlander, sound recordist. Marnie Hall, musical producer. Atlanta Licks recorded at Studio One, Atlanta, May 20 and 21, 1986. Greg Quesnel, sound recordist. Frank Weinstock was recorded at Corbett Auditorium, University of Cincinnati, March 14, 1988. John Swartz, sound recordist. Phillip Rehfeldt was recorded at Charles Brown Music, Cincinnati, Ohio,1985. Charles Brown, sound recordist. Lynn Raley was recorded at Corbett Auditorium, University of Cincinnati, June 14, 1985. Brent Reider, sound recordist. Post Production: London Philharmonic: Marnie Hall (Leonarda Productions) and Allan Tucker (Foothill Productions). London Philharmonic DDD; Other pieces ADD. Cover Photo: Jonathan Kramer. Graphic Design: Marnie Hall.

Support: This project was funded in part by public funds from The Ohio Arts Council. This project is made possible with public funds from The New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. Additional funding was provided by The University of Cincinnati Research Council and University of Redlands.

Rights: Copyright © 1990, Leonarda Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. Music Publishers: Renascence and Music for Piano, No. 5: G. Schirmer.


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