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Jonathan Kramer
Five Compositions

Musica Pro Musica: "It juxtaposes a waltz tune, what appear to be Latin American dance rhythms, a touch of jazz, the ghost of a popular ballad, and other influences in a collage that suggest Charles Ives. Kramer is a skilled craftsman, and his melting pot of different musics works very well." Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Atlanta Licks: "A delightful adventure in sound, with exciting solo 'licks.'...The innovative music has strong jazz overtones." Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Music for Piano, No. 5: "The pitches are treated...in a virtuosic fashion - transmuted into gestures ranging from jazz licks to Renaissance-like motet passages - which might be considered 'maximal' rather than minimal." Musical America.  

Renascence: "The main point about Kramer's Renascence is that it is fun. There is only one clarinet on stage...but by the time this piece starts cooking there are more than a dozen tape-recorded clarinet lines in the works, all swinging like Benny Goodman and doodling in other jazz-like rhythms on the same six notes. Cincinnati Enquirer.


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