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Audio cassettes LPI 1 and 2
Sampler Cassettes with composer interviews

An historical sampling
of Women Composers

& their music, Middle Ages to the present,
presented with their male contemporaries

Music samples from the Leonarda LP Record Catalog (1979-1986), including LPs now out-of-print. Voice-over introductions introduce composers as their music plays, and some of the composers are interviewed.

Composers interviewed are Rebecca Clarke (d.1979), Priaulx Rainier (d.1986), Sarah Aderholdt, Katherine Hoover, Julie Kabat, Rudolph Palmer, Marga Richter, Ruth Schonthal (d. 2006), Ludmila Ulehla (d. 2010), Judith Lang Zaimont, and Ellen Taaffe Zwilich.

These cassettes were made prior to LPI 3-4 "Women Composers: The Lost Tradition Found" tapes, also largely based on the Leonarda LP catalog. Much of the music is the same. Here, the selections are shorter, but there are more of them and more composers are represented.

The voice-overs make these items particularly appealing to the general public.In fact, the cassette manufacturing people were so impressed, they called in other workers to hear some of the tapes at lunch time.The tapes make great listening on the road as well as at home, and make ideal gifts.


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