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Songs and Cycles
Contemporary American Women Composers

Music for soprano and piano and a work for two sopranos, oboe and piano. Linda McNeil, soprano; Linda True, piano; Kathy McNeil, coloratura soprano; Stephanie Shapiro, oboe. Leonarda CD #LE357. Duration: 51:20.

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CD Cover, Songs and Cycles



Songs & Song Cycles by American Women



Emma Lou Diemer (b. Kansas City, Missouri, 1927)
1. Strings in the earth and air (1:16) (James Joyce)
2. The Caller (1:51) (Dorothy Diemer Hendry)
3. One Perfect Rose (2:30) (Dorothy Parker)
4. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? (2:15)

Linda McNeil, soprano
Carolyn True, piano
Flicka Rahn (b. Corpus Christi, Texas, 1944)
5. Vicarious (2:02) (Amy Lowell)
6. Shore Grass (2:02) (Amy Lowell

6. mp3

soprano and piano
Katherine Freiberger (b. Mineral Wells, Texas, 1927)
The Coffee-Pot Songs (7:31) (Aileen Fisher)
7. The Coffee Pot Face, Otherwise, I Never Had A Pony,
Stars, Mioon, Dreams, Rainy Day
8. Winter Apples (6:57) (Charlie Langdon)

8. mp3

Linda McNeil, soprano
Kathy McNeil, coloratura soprano
Stephanie Shapiro, oboe
Carolyn True, piano
Libby Larsen (b. Wilmington, Delaware, 1950)
Songs from Letters (13:34) (Calamity Jane to her
daughter Janey, 1880-1902)
9. So like your Father's
10. He never misses (1880)
11. A man can love two women (1880)
12. A working woman (1882-1893); All I have (1902)

10. mp3

soprano and piano
Elizabeth R. Austin (b. Baltimore, MD, 1938)
Sonnets from the Portuguese (11:23)
(Elizabeth Barrett Brownig)
13. The face of all the world is changed, I think.
14. Say over again, and yet once over again.
15. Unlike are we, unlike, 0 princely Heart!
16. First time he kissed me.
17. How do I love thee?

13. mp3

soprano and piano


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Production: Recorded by: Bob Catlin at the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio, Texas, January 2008. DDD. Cover Art: "My Secret Garden" by Linda McNeil. Graphic Design: Marnie Hall.

Rights: Copyright: Linda McNeil, 2009. Agent and distributor: Leonarda Productions, Inc. Music Publishers: Diemer and Rahn songs are from Art Songs by American Women Composers published by Southern Music Company. Letters from Calamity Jane: Oxford University Press. The Coffee-Pot Face: Willis Music Company/Hal Leonard.


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