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Orchestral Excursions

Triple concerto for violin, cello and piano by Marga Richter and a piece for alto saxophone and orchestra by Howard Harris. The Polish Radio National Symphony; Joel Suben, conductor; Renata Knific, violin; Pamela Frame, cello; Robert Weirich, piano. Gilbert Sabitzer, alto saxophone; The Carinthian Saxophone Quartet. Leonarda CD #LE351. Duration 73:21.

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CD cover Orchestral Excursions



Marga Richter (b.1926)

Variations and Interludes on Themes from Monteverdi and Bach (46:16) (1992)
a concerto for violin, cello and piano (in one movement )

  1. Introduction, Theme, Var. 1-3 (3:32)
  2. Var. 3a, 3b, Interlude, Var. 4 (Chaconne)-5 (6:15)
  3. Var. 6-7, Interlude, Chorale 1-3 (5:14)
  4. Two before Chorale 4, -Chorale 6, Var. 8-9 (Fantasy) (4:32)
  5. Var. 9 (cont.), Var. 10 (4:00)
  6. Trio Cadenza (3:20)
  7. Cello Cadenza (4:46)
  8. Violin Cadenza (Part I) (2:55)
  9. Violin Cadenza (Part II), begin Piano Cadenza (2:42)
10. Piano Cadenza (cont.), Interlude (tutti) Var. 11-12 (6:03)
11. Chorale 7-9, Theme, Coda (2:54)

Howard Harris (1945-1996)

Musicke for Dauncing Judicially, proving the true observation of time and measure in the Authenticall and laudable use of Dauncing (27:05) (1996)
for alto saxophone and orchestra (in one movement)

12. Stately (3:05)
13. Sweetly, Flowing, Simply, Sweetly, Quirky, Flowing (6:09)
14. Explosive (4:00)
15. With a Latin Feel (1:52)
16. Hymnlike, Mad Procession, Serioso/Explosive; Hallucinatory (4:55)
17. With Dignity, Quasi Religioso (3:47)
18. Restless, Stately, Celebratory (3:15)

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Production: Recorded by Beatta Jankowska-Burzynska in Katowice, Poland. Post Production, Graphic Design, Bios: Marnie Hall. DDD. Cover Photo: Thornton Vandersal.

Support: This recording is made possible by The New York State Council on the Arts, a state Agency. Rights: Copyright © 2004, Leonarda Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. Performing Rights: ASCAP. Music Publishers: Richter: Carl Fischer. Harris: Contact Leonarda.


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