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American Choral Music

Cantata for double choir, soloists and chamber orchestra by Jeanne Ellison Shaffer and Songs for women's voices, flute, viola and piano by Johannes Somary. Amor Artis Chorale, chamber orchestra. Johannes Somary, conductor. Soloists Elizabeth Farnum, soprano; Megan Friar, alto; Jonathan Goodman, tenor; Richard Holmes, bass. Leonarda CD #LE347. Duration 58:25

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American Choral Music CD cover


Jeanne Ellison Shaffer, composer (1924-2009)
Shalom (45:00) for double choir, soloists and chamber orchestra A Cantata for Peace written for the Alabama Peace Commission. Text by Rev. John Keith. Soloists Elizabeth Farnum, soprano; Megan Friar, alto; Jonathan Goodman, tenor; Richard Holmes, bass. Johannes Somary, conductor.

Shalom, mp3 samples

  1. We are Thy People (4:52)
  2. Go in Peace (2:13) mp3
  3. Blessed be the Lord (7:46) mp3
  4. O God of Peace (2:23) mp3
  5. I, Nebuchadnezzar (9:04) mp3#1; mp3 #2
  6. Thus Saith the Lord (2:51)
  7. Blessed are you Peacemakers (5:06)
  8. Peace be with You (3:03) mp3
  9. Grant Us Peace (4:30)
10. O God of Peace, Bless Us with Peace (3:15)

Chamber Orchestra (except #8) with

  1. War choir, soprano and tenor solos
  2. Peace choir; mezzo-sop., tenor solos
  3. Two choirs, tenor, bass solos
  4. Peace choir, soprano solo
  5. Two choirs, bass, tenor, mez-sop. solos
  6. Two choirs, soprano solo
  7. Two choirs with solo quartet
  8. Two choirs with solo clarinet
  9. Combined choirs
10. Combined choirs

Johannes Somary, composer (1925-2011)
Many-Colored Brooms (13:22) for small chourus of women's voices with flute/piccolo, viola, and piano
(poems by Emily Dickinson) Soloists Arlene Travis, soprano; Karen Krueger, alto, with Zizi Mueller, flute; Susan Follari, viola; Kevin Jones, piano. Johannes Somary, conductor.

Many-colored Brooms, mp3 samples

11. She sweeps with many-colored Brooms (2:22) mp3
12. Wild Nights (2:14)
13. Over the fence Strawberries grow (:48) mp3
14. Some keep the Sabbath going to Church (2:34)
15. Two Butterflies went out at Noon (1:32) mp3
16. Bee! I'm expecting you! (:50) mp3
17. Blazing in Gold and quenching in Purple (3:02) mp3


11. SSA, piano
12. SSA, flute, viola
13. SSA, piccolo
14. SSA, sop. solo, flute, viola, piano
15. Sop. and alto solos, viola, piano
16. SSA, viola
17. SSA, flute/piccolo, viola, piano

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Production: Recording producer and post production: Marnie Hall. Shaffer recorded by Jerry Bruck at John Harms Center for the Arts, Englewood, New Jersey, October, 1996. Somary recorded by Malcolm Addey at George's Episcopal Church in New York City, April, 1997. DDD. Cover Painting, "Portrait of Cousins," by Barbara Gallagher, owned by Mr. & Mrs. Fred Applegate, © Barbara Gallagher, 1993. Graphic Design: Marnie Hall.

Support: This recording is made possible with public funds from The New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. Rights: Copyright © Leonarda Productions, Inc., 1999. All rights reserved.


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