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Baroque for the Mass
Ursuline Composers of the 17th Century

CD: Motets for soprano, violins and organ continuo; Anthem for soprano, alto, tenor and continuo. Choral Mass with soloists, strings and organ. (The Ursulines are a Catholic religious order of women.)

Motets and anthem: Andrea Folan, soprano; Roya Bauman, alto; Kirk Doherty, tenor; Brian Brooks and Deborah Howell, violins; Robert Haskins, organ continuo. Choral Mass: University of Arkansas Schola Cantorum, Jack Groh, conductor. Choral soloists, strings and organ accompaniment. Leonarda CD #LE346. Duration 67:21

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CD cover Baroque for the Mass


Baroque Women Composers



Maria Peruchona (ca.1652-after 1709)
1. Ad gaudia, ad jubila
    A motet for Christmas (6:04)

Andrea Folan, soprano, Brian Brooks and Deborah Howell, violins; Rob Haskins, organ continuo
Maria Peruchona
2. Solvite, Solvite (7:51)

Same as first piece.
Maria Xaviera Peruchona
3. Regina Caeli (4:03)

mp3 #3
Andrea Folan, soprano, Roya Bauman, alto, Kirk Dougherty, tenor, Rob Haskins, continuo
Isabella Leonarda (1620-1704)
4. Ave suavis dilectio (7:45)

mp3 #4

Same as first piece.
Isabella Leonarda
Messa Prima, Op. 18 (41:38)
5. Kyrie (5:21)
6-8. Gloria (16:58) (3:17, 5:11, 8:30)
9-11. Credo (19:19) (4:57, 8:17, 6:05)

mp3 #6a

mp3 #6b
mp3 #7

Schola Cantorum of the University of Arkansas, Jack Groh, conductor; choral soloists, strings, organ


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Production: First Mass, Op. 18 recorded February 19 and 20, 1982 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Malcolm Addey, sound recordist. Marnie Hall, musical producer and post production. ADD. Motets and Anthem recorded by Marnie Hall, July 20 and 21, 1998 in the Colgate Rochester Divinity School chapel, Rochester, New York. DDD. Cover: "Nuns in Choir," Master of St. Jerome, ca. 1421, by permission of the British Library. Graphic Design: Marnie Hall.

Support: This recording is made possible with public funds from The New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. Major funding for First Mass, Op. 18 provided by the Arkansas Arts Council and Ms. Lily Peter. Many thanks to the Ursulines, whose advance orders for this CD covered the recording session costs for the motets and anthem and made this release possible. Rights: Copyright: © Leonarda Productions, Inc., 1998. All rights reserved. Music Publisher: ClarNan Editions, Attn: Barbara Garvey Jackson, 235 Baxter Lane, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701, phone 501-442-7414.


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