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The Vocal-Chamber ART
Music by Judith Lang Zaimont

Vocal chamber music for one and two voices with accompaniments that include piano; harp; percussion and piano; and flute, cello and harp by internationally acclaimed American composer Judith Lang Zaimont. Leonarda CD #LE343. Duration 71:52.

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Vocal Chamber Music cover, Zaimont



Judith Zaimont, Vocal Chamber Music



Greyed Sonnets (13:13) (1975)
1. Soliloquy (Millay)
2. Let it be forgotten (Teasdale)
3. A Season's Song (Millay)
4. Love's Autumn (Millay)
5. Entreaty (C. Rosetti's poem "Echo")

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Elena Tyminski, soprano
Judith Lang Zaimont, piano
Chansons Nobles et Sentimentales (12:50) (1974)
  6. Harmonie du Soir (Baudelier)
  7. Chanson d'Automne (Verlaine)
  8. Claire de Lune (Verlaine)
  9. Dans l'interminable Ennui de la Plaine (Verlaine)
10. Départ (Rimbaud)

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Charles Bressler, tenor
Judith Lang Zaimont, piano
Songs of Innocence (10:36) (1974) (Wm. Blake)
11. Introduction
12. Elegy ­ The Garden of Love
13. I Asked a Thief
14. How Sweet I Roam'd

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Elena Tyminski, soprano
Price Browne, tenor
Patricia Spencer, flute
Barbara Bogatin, cello
Nancy Allen, harp
Roger Nierenberg, conductor
Two Songs for Soprano and Harp (10:14) (1978)
15. At Dusk in Summer (Rich)
16. The Ruined Maid (Hardy)

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Berenice Bramson, soprano
Sara Cutler, harp
The Magic World (24:59) (1979-80)
Six songs based on American Indian texts
17. Flower Song
18. Firefly Song
19. Storm Song
20. A Spell to Destroy Life
21. Second Flower Song
22. Elegy Dream Song

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David Arnold, baritone
Zita Zohar, piano
Jonathan Haas, percussion



Production: Digitally remastered by Marnie Hall from analog tapes originally released on LP: Chansons Nobles et Sentimentales, Leonarda #LPI 101 (©1979), sound recordist David Barnes. Two Songs for Soprano and Harp, Leonarda #LPI 106 (© 1980), sound recordist John Kilgore. The Magic World, Leonarda #LPI 116 (© 1983), sound recordist Malcolm Addey. Greyed Sonnets and Songs of Innocence, Golden Crest #ATH-5051 (© 1977), sound recordist Gale Greenhouse. ADD. Cover Art: © Gary Zaimont, 1998. Graphic Design: Marnie Hall. Support: This recording is made possible with public funds from The New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

Rights: Copyright © Leonarda Productions, Inc., 1998. All rights reserved. Music Publishers: Greyed Sonnets, Chansons Nobles et Sentimentales, and The Magic World: Sounds Alive! Two Songs for Soprano Harp: Lyra Music. Songs of Innocence is available through the Fleischer Collection.


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