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Women's Voices
Five Centuries of Song

CD of songs by women composers spanning five centuries. Neva Pilgrim, soprano; Edward Smith, harpsichord; Steven Heyman, piano. (Soprano and harpsichord, tracks 1-7; soprano and piano, tracks 8-28). Leonarda CD #LE338. Duration 58:15.

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Songs by Women / Female Composers

Audio Samples

Anne Boleyn (1507-1536) (England)
1. O Death rock me asleepe (attributed) (4:24)

Caterina Assandra (c.1580-aft.1622) (Italy)
2. Jubilate Deo (2:00) (1609)

2. mp3
Francesca Caccini (1587-bef.1640) (Italy)
3. Maria dolce Maria (2:25) (1618)

3. mp3
Barbara Strozzi (1620-1664 or later) (Italy)
4. Amor dormiglione (2:12) (1657)
5. Chiamata a nuovi amori (1:46) (Bissari)
6. Spesso per entro al petto (2:43) (Cocognini)

4. mp3
Anna Amalia, Duchess of Saxe-Weimar (1739-1807) (Germany)
7. Ihr solltet geniessen (2:03) (1776) (Goethe)
(from the Singspiel Erwin und Elmire)

Maria Theresia von Paradis (1759-1824) (Austria)
8. Das Gartner liedchen aus dem Siegwart (2:22) (J. M. Miller)

Josephine Lang (1815-1880) (Germany)
9. Frühzeitiger Frühling (1:47) (1830) (Goethe)

9. mp3
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel (1805-1847) (Germany)
10. Frühling (1:35) (Eichendorff)

10. mp3
Clara Wieck Schumann (1819-1896) (Germany)
11. Liebst du um Schönheit (1:58) (Rückert)

Pauline Viardot-Garcia (1821-1910) (Spain, France)
12. Der Gärtner  (1:24) (Mörike)

Agathe Backer-Grøndahl (1847-1907) (Norway)
13. Mot kveld (1:38) (Jynge)

13. mp3
Lili Boulanger (1893-1918) (France)
14. Si tout ceci n'est qu'un pauvre rêve (1:43) (F. Jammes)
(from Clairières dans le Ciel)

Poldowski (Irene Wieniawska Paul) (1880-1932) Belgium/England)
15. Berceuse d'Amorique  (Lullabye of Brittany) (2:36) (Le Braz)

Germaine Tailleferre  (1894-1983) (France)
16. Mon mari m'a diffamée (1:31) (from Six Chansons Française)

16. mp3

Cécile Chaminade (1857-1944) (France)
17. Plaintes d'Amour (1:46) (Adenis)

17. mp3
Alma Mahler (1879-1964) (Austria/USA)
18. Selections from Fünf Lieder
Laue Sommernacht (III) (1:52) (Falke)
Bei dir ist es traut (IV) (1:34) (Rilke)
Ich wandle unter Blumen (V) (:57) (Heine)

Margaret Bonds (1913-1972) (USA)
19. Minstrel Man (1:45) (Langston Hughes)
(from Three Dream Portraits)

19. mp3
Rebecca Clarke (1886-1979) (England/USA)
20. Infant Joy (1:13) (Blake)

20. mp3
Miriam Gideon (1906-1996) (USA)
21. Rogez (1:17) (Yalen-Stekelis)
(from Ayelet Hashakhar) (Morning Star)

21. mp3
Jean Eichelberger Ivey (1923-2010) (USA)
22. I would live in your love (1:14) (Teasdale)
(from Woman's Love)

22. mp3
Marion Bauer (1887-1955) (USA)
23. I Love the Night (1:55) (John Gould Fletcher)
Poem from Violet Symphony, Goblins and Pagodas)

23. mp3
Judith Lang Zaimont (b.1945) (USA)
24. Let it be forgotten (1:48) (1975) (Teasdale)
(from Greyed Sonnets)

24. mp3
Ann Silsbee (193-2003) (USA)
25. Iris (1:18) (1983) (William Carlos Williams)
(from Four Songs)

25. mp3
Gwyneth Walker (b.1947) (USA)
26. maggie and millie and mollie and may (1:09) (1979) (E. E. Cummings) (from though love be a day)

26. mp3
Libby Larsen (b.1950) (USA)
27. When I am an old woman (2:36) (1990) (Jenny Joseph)

27. mp3
Elizabeth Vercoe (b.1941) (USA)
     28. Andromeda Rag (2:16) (1981) (Mary Barnard)

28. mp3


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Production: Recorded by Marnie Hall in the Chapel at Colgate University, 1994. DDD. Mastering, Cover Photo (Lizard's Point, Cornwall, England) and Graphic Design: Marnie Hall. Support: This recording is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. Additional funding was provided by Colgate University.

Rights: Copyright © Leonarda Productions, Inc., 1996. All rights reserved. Music Publishers: When requesting music, ask for the title of the collection, not the individual piece, when applicable. Mahler: Universal Edition, distributed in the USA by European Music Distributors. Gideon, Zaimont, Silsbee: American Composers Alliance. Vercoe: Arsis Press, distributed by Colla Voce of Indianapolis, Indiana. Ivey: Galaxy Music at E.C. Schirmer. Walker, Larsen: E.C. Schirmer. Lang: Da Capo Press.


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