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Exotic Impressions
Flute Works by Karg-Elert

CD: Three works for flute and piano and Jugend for flute, clarinet, French horn and piano. Douglas Worthen, flute; Janice Weber, piano; Richard Shaughnessy, clarinet; Richard Menual, horn. Leonarda CD #LE335. Duration 70:34.

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Karg-Elert flute CD, CDs cover,



Sigfrid Karg-Elert (1877-1933) (Germany)



Impressions exotiques, Op. 134 (16:41)
1. Idylle champêtre (rustic pastoral dream)
2. Danse pittoresque
3. Colibri (hummingbird) (piccolo, piano)
4. Lotus
5. Evocation a Brahma

Douglas Worthen, flute
Janice Weber, piano
Sonate B dur, Op. 121 (Sonata in B-flat Major) (15:26)
6. Udyllisch, nicht schleppend
7. Äußerst langsam
8. Sehr geschwind und leichthin (very fast and leggiero)

Douglas Worthen, flute
Janice Weber, piano
Jugend, Op. 139a ("Youth") (18:43) (in one mvt.)
  9. Ziemlich bewegt (romantisch);
10. Streng im Takt (same tempo)
11. Sehr rasch mit Übermut (very fast with wantonness)
12. Phantastisch bewegt (wildly animated)

D.Worthen, flute
R. Shaughnessy, clarinet
R. Menual, horn
Janice Weber, piano
Suite pointillistique, Op. 135   (19:43)
13. Leicht bewegt (Im Stile einer Arabeske)
14. Der kranke Mond (The Sick Moon)
15. Scherzo (Diavolina und Innocenz) (The Devil and Innocence)
16. Gewichtig breit doch nicht langsam (Im Stile einer Hymne)

Douglas Worthen, flute
Janice Weber, piano


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Production: Sound Recordist: Erica Hurwitz. Recording Producer: Joel Gordon. Post Production: Joel Gordon and Marnie Hall. Jugend was recorded in John Knowles Paine Concert Hall, Harvard University. All other pieces were recorded at Steinert Hall, Boston. DDD. Cover Photo: Lynn Wayne. Graphic Design: Marnie Hall. Support: This recording is made possible with public funds from The New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

Rights: Copyright © Douglas Worthen, 1993. All rights reserved. Agent and distributor: Leonarda Productions, Inc. Music Publisher: Falls House Press, distributed by Theodore Presser Co.


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