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Orchestral Works by American Women

Symphonic works by Nancy Van de Vate and Libby Larsen; chamber orchestra works by Kay Gardner and Ursula Mamlok; string orchestra works by Marga Richter, Katherine Hoover and Jane Brockman. Artists: Bournemouth Sinfonietta (U.K.) and Arioso Chamber Ensemble (USA). Carolann Martin, conductor. Peter Kane, solo French horn (Hoover). Leonarda CD #LE327. Duration 65:27

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orchestral music by American women composers, CD cover


Orchestral Music by American Women



Nancy Van de Vate (b.1930) (USA)
1. Journeys (15:28) (1984)

1. mp3
Bournemouth Sinfonietta plus 25 players
Kay Gardner (1941-2002) (USA)
2. Rainforest (6:31) (1977)

2. mp3

Libby Larsen (b.1950) (USA)
3. Overture-Parachute Dancing (6:22) (1984)

3. mp3
Bournemouth Sinfonietta plus 25 players
Marga Richter (b.1926) (USA)
4. Lament (10:57) (1956)

4. mp3

Sinfonietta strings
Katherine Hoover (b.1937) (USA)
5. Summer Night (7:27) (1985)

5. mp3
Sinfonietta strings; Peter Kane, solo French horn
Ursula Mamlok (b.1928) Germany-USA via Ecuador)
6. Elegy from "Concertino" (6:21) (1985)

6. mp3

Jane Brockman  (b.1949) (USA)
7. Perihelion II (12:21) (1985)

7. mp3

Arioso Ensemble (strings)


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Production: Recording producers: Antony Hodgson (Bournemouth), Marnie Hall and Max Schubel (Brockman). Sound recordists: Robert Auger (Bournemouth), David Budries (Brockman). Recorded at Wessex Hall, Poole England (Bournemouth Sinfonietta) June, 1986 and the Hartt School of Music of the University of Hartford (Brockman), January, 1987. DDD. Cover Photo: Photo: Adele Einhorn, © Adele Einhorn, 1998 (used for second printing). Graphic Design: Marnie Hall. Support: This recording is made possible with public funds from The New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. Additional support was provided by Mobil Foundation, Inc., The University of Connecticut, Schubert Club of St. Paul, and individual donors.

Rights: Copyright © Leonarda Productions, Inc., 1988. All rights reserved. Music Publishers: Van de Vate: Vienna Modern Masters. Larsen: E. C. Schirmer Richter: Broude Brothers; Hoover: Theodore Presser Co. Mamlok: C. F. Peters Corp.


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