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Women Composers: The Lost Tradition Found

2 CDs #LE 353 (2.3 hours) which can stand alone or be used with the textbook by the same name published by The Feminist Press of CUNY. The book can also be ordered from us. These are now listed with CD #LE353.

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Sampler Cassettes

Sampler Cassettes (audio) #LPI 1 (82 minutes) and #LPI 2 (88 minutes) (sold separately or together)
An Historical Sampling of Women Composers & Their Music, Middle Ages to the Present, Presented with their Male Contemporaries.
Music is taken from Leonarda's first 24 LP releases, many of which are now out of print. Voice-over introductions to the composers and 11 composer interviews.

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Children's book with tape or CD

Magic in the Attic
A historical musical fantasy by Lois Core Yopp
Illustrated book with tape or CD
Ideal for ages 7-11 and even adults.
Provides great fun and introduces children to composers, painters, statesmen, and other important figures in history.

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"Celebrating Women Composers"
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Sheet Music

Sheet music for solo piano
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