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The American Chamber Ensemble

Works for mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano by Judith Lang Zaimont and Vally Weigl and Quartet for violin, clarinet, cello and piano by Paul Hindemith. Naomi Drucker, clarinet; Blanche Abram, piano; Deirdre Kingsbury, mezzo-soprano; Timothy Baker, violin; Chris Finckel, cello. Leonarda CD #LE329. Duration 60:41.

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Judith Lang Zaimont (b.1945) (USA)
From the Great Land (22:01) (text: Frank Buske)
1. She is Left on the Ice
2. Passion: The First Dream
3. Lullaby: The Second Dream
4. Counting Song: The Third Dream
5. Lament
6. Interlude-Lullaby; Vision: The Fourth Dream
7. She Dies



Deirdre Kingsbury, mezzo-soprano; Naomi Drucker, clarinet; Blanche Abram, piano, Eskimo drum
Vally Pick Weigl (1899-1982) (Austria-USA)
Songs of Remembrance (11:45) (text: Emily Dickenson)
8. Heart! We will forget him
9. What shall I do when the Summer troubles?
10. Mother Nature
11. Wild nights
12. If you were coming in the fall


Deirdre Kingsbury, mezzo-soprano; Naomi Drucker, clarinet; Blanche Abram, piano
Paul Hindemith (1895-1963) (Germany-USA)
Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano (26:38)
13. Mässig bewegt
14. Sehr langsam
15. Mässig bewegt; Lebhaft; Ruhig bewegt; Sehr lebhaft


Naomi Drucker, clarinet; Timothy Baker, violin; Chris Finckel, cello; Blanche Abram, piano


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Production: Recording producers: Judith Zaimont (Zaimont) and Marnie Hall (Weigl, Hindemith).Sound recordists: : Michail Liberman (Zaimont) and Paul Goodman (Weigl, Hindemith). Recorded in 1987 at Hofstra University (Zaimont) and in New York City at RCA's Studio A. DDD. Graphic Design: Marnie Hall. Cover Photo: Photo: "Elk Lake, New York Adirondacks" by Irving Abram. Support: This recording is made possible by public funds from The New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. Additional funding was provided by The Joe & Emily Lowe Foundation; The Vally Weigl Recording Fund, Hofstra University; The New York Community Trust; and The National Heritage Foundation.

Rights: Copyright ©1989, Leonarda Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. Music Publisher: Hindemith: Universal Edition, distributed in the USA by European American Music. See other information online.


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